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[Notice] Our guesthouse maintain "Lower Corona Warning Grade (Level 2, Not “Level 4”)"

  • 2021-07-20 12:01:00
  • hit174

This guesthose is the one located in "Current Corona-Free region (Seung-Bong island)"

As of today (7/12), in the case of majo metropolitan area like Seoul City & Gyeonggi Province, 
the Corona warning grade has been raised to "level 4",
But we would like to inform you that Seungbongdo is still applied as a "level 2(lower level)" currently.

In terms of "Korea guesthose(Pension) engagement guides",
(1) In the room, "Do not exceed the capacity limit" (Based on the capacity of each room) 
- However, direct family members can exceed the limit.
(2) Outside the room (barbecue area, etc.), gatherings of more than 7 people are prohibited 
- However, direct family members can exceed the limit.

In summary, 
We would like to say once again that this guesthose are not releated with the 4 level upgrade 
within the metropolitan area (Seoul/Gyeonggi).
However, We will keep doing best to maintain social distancing and disinfecting in order to keep safety.

In addition, if the current social distancing level is raised to over level 2 or changed in the future,
We plan to change the reservation date according to the situation/take action 
according to the refund policy due to the corona pandemic.

Thank you for your reference to those who use our guesthose in the summer peak season.

We sincerely hope that the corona pandemic, which is uncomfortable for everyone, will end soon.

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