Greeting (History)

"Make precious memories with
your family and lovers"

Make new memories here with your family, friends and lovers!

Welcome! This is a guesthouse managers of
“Pension, Road to the Sea (바다로가는길목 펜션)”.

In 2006, we built a beautiful house on “Seungbong Island”, where
nature is alive, and we called it as “Pension, Road To The Sea”.
In spite of various tough and limited conditions, we tried to build
a better guest house (It called as “Pension” in korea) where you can
relax, enjoy island life in the harmony with nature, and heal the
weary mind of everyday life.
As a result of those efforts, our heart is thrilled to introduce our
nice pension.
Whether our efforts have paid off, many people who have visited here
said that it is the most spacious, stylish and comfortable place in
Seungbong Island and they also want to live in a place like this later
for long time.
If you come to Seungbongdo Island, we sincerely recommend you to go
around first, even if it is not our “road to the sea”.
Perhaps we believe that our “Pension Road To The Sea” will be the
mostvisible and clean, and comfortable place.
Due to the nature of the island, the process to settle down on
Seungbongdo was not easy, but it is very rewarding to introduce and
engage in the attractive guest house environment in this beautiful
area (Seungbong Island)
This place is owned by everyone who uses it,
We will do our best to help the owner solve everything you needs, and
take care of where you want to come again.

From manager of “Pension, Road To The Sea(바다로가는길목 펜션)”.

Thank you.